There is something for everyone in our collection of pendants. If you don't see what you're looking for in our catalog, send us a message on Instagram and we'll get started on a special custom piece for you. We take pride in offering only the top quality grade A jade. We go on to step 2 after you've made a purchase with us.

hand crafted to perfection

no shortcuts in our process

Each piece is handled with incredible care by our carvers and jewelers. Every work contains a great deal of attention to detail. The gold bails are handcrafted, and each diamond is placed by hand. All of the jade is gathered naturally in Burma and then transported to our carving factory, where it is hand carved, polished, and certified.

shipping your pendant


Please keep in mind that depending on the order's requirements, certain orders may take longer to ship. All orders come with a tracking number. Each piece is carefully packaged to withstand long voyages throughout the world.

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#3 Micro Hello Kitty Jade Pendant

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#3 Micro Hello Kitty Jade Pendant


About us

Founded by two passionate cousins in Los Angeles, California Jade Jewelers is a heartwarming, family-operated business with a profound love for jade. Our mission is to share the mesmerizing allure and life-enhancing properties of jade with a wider audience. Each purchase from us is more than just acquiring a handcrafted, authentic jade piece; it's an opportunity to support a family-run endeavor. We pride ourselves on exclusively utilizing premium, A-grade jade in every creation. Our commitment to authenticity is unwavering, ensuring that all our jade, sourced directly from Burma, remains unaltered, never colored or dyed. Experience the protective and chakra-balancing benefits of our exquisite jade collection.